Who would you be if....

there were no obstacles?

Ready to live a healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling, passionate and purposeful life?

What’s holding you back? Let’s get to the bottom of it and shift those habits to help you reach your highest potential. When you align your life with your purpose, your life becomes full of passion and joy.

“Create the highest, grandest vision of your life because you become what you believe. How do I do that,  you ask?  You change the way you think, act and feel.  That’s how you create a life of your dreams.”

  • Are you wondering what your purpose is?
  • Do you want to show up in this world as the most positive and authentic version of yourself?
  • Are you searching for more meaning, direction and fulfillment?
  • Are you feeling stuck and unsure of your next step?
  • Be your most authentic version of yourself.
  • Discover your true purpose and unique gifts so you can create the life you desire.
  • Free yourself from limiting beliefs and try new things.
  • Change your patterns and achieve your greatest goals.

Let's bring color back into your life!

As a Transformation Coach, my personal mission is to leave this world knowing I made a positive impact on other women's lives by guiding them through a journey of inner healing and emotional transformation that inspired them to follow their passion and achieve great things.

So… are you ready to create that life you know you have buried deep down in your soul?  Release the baggage that is dragging you down and let your light shine bright on the world as it is meant to be?

I know you can!  I spent years of my life searching for my purpose.  Trying to figure out what I could possibly do in this world that would spark my soul while giving light to others around me.  I felt like I was going crazy, going from one idea to another, trying to find my way.   

I put so much energy into the needs of others without realizing I was burying my own dreams.  I played small because I was afraid that I was not capable of achieving what I truly wanted, feeling I wasn’t good enough, smart enough or worth enough… so what changed?

While I wasn’t quite sure where I was headed, I suddenly knew that if I wanted my life to change, I had to change first.  I had to start doing things differently.  I had to get over my negative self talk and begin to see my worth.

When my inner self changed, everything changed.  Everything became more colorful!


I learned that the more I stepped out of my comfort zone, the stronger, more focused I became.  The more I was determined to create my life, instead of just reacting to it, the more opportunities started showing up.   I watched as my dreams took shape. The moment I decided to start dreaming big and charging my thoughts with positive energy, the quicker I was able to move forward and achieve my personal goals. The more energy charged my thoughts, the more action I began to take.  

Energy flows where your attention goes!

It all begins with the mind.  We have to start taking inventory of our thoughts and working to change the negative ones into positive ones.  We need to open our minds and let the world of possibility become our new way of thinking.  Even a great strategy won’t succeed without the right mindset to implement it.  When you change your mindset, you are then able to transform your life.


My Coaching Services

Passion and Purpose

Develop the tools you need to find your passion and life's purpose. By uncovering your purpose you will begin to feel passionate, happy, content and experience inner peace and ultimate fulfillment. Each session is completely tailored to you and your goals.

Clarity, Courage and Confidence

Gain clarity in your purpose by identifying goals and defining a vision for success. Discover how to break down limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. Tap into courage, strength, passion and confidence to overcome any challenge that life throws your way. Each session is completely tailored to you and your vision.

Your Beautiful Authentic Self

Learning to live your life authentically is a process. Embark on an introspective journey that will result in new found self-awareness, self-confidence and the courage to create a life that truly makes you happy. You'll find tools, techniques and strategies throughout to make your journey a success. Custom designed to lead you on a powerful journey to absolutely change your life.

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Kristine exemplifies kindness and grace.  No matter what challenges she is dealing with internally, she approaches life with optimism and exudes that to those around her.  Her desire is to create joy in others, finding her passion in bringing happiness to those with whom she comes in contact.  Her energy and exuberance is inspiring.  She shares of herself freely, placing thoughtful care into her words and deeds, thinking of others always.   I am a better person just knowing her, and having the privilege of having her spirit as a light in my life.  She inspires me daily to find the good — in life and in myself.